Two barges from Gouderak were used for the transport that usually would transport sand and gravel and also after the war. During the war both ships were used for the food supply of the Germans, and on the way there to Drenthe the ships were empty and so they could take children with them.

The ship that carried the children and their companions was the Tijd Zal´t Leren.Skipper Jan Pols was gracious enough to put up rev. Warmenhoven in his personal cabin down below. This ship had fuel so it was the one towing the other ship.

After the war the ship changed hands a few times and was rebuilt, and now it serves as a house boat and is moored on the quay in Ameide.

House boat Elisabeth - erstwhile Time Will Tell - photo author.

The second ship that was being towed was called ‘T is niet anders(=No Two Ways About It), and skipper Wim van Dam was in charge of that. This ship had all of the 'hands' on board and some of the companions like NSB member Arie de Jager and underground agent Pieter Vreugdenhil. There was also a 'Wild Child' on board heading for Drenthe.

The T'is Niet Anders on the IJsselmeer (photo courtesy of Historic Society Gouderak)

The No Two Ways About It was rebuilt several times and started a new life as a passenger ship for local cruises in 1991 under the name ALI-B based in Alphen aan den Rijn.

This sunny newspaper article about the hotel ship may prove that sometimes there are more Ways than one.

Specifications De Tijd zal ’t Leeren: Build number 822, shipyard De VoorUit in Alphen aan den Rijn. Vessel dimensions: length 31.50 meters, width 5.40 meters and depth 1.93 meters. Machine: 60-65 hp 2 cylinder engine from the engine factory 'De Industrie', number 3259 158877.

Specifications ‘T is niet AndersSpecifications: Build number 820. Dimensions: Length 30,5 meters, width 5,4 meters and draft 1,93 meters. Machine: 60-65 Hp 2 cylinder engine from the engine factory The Industry.