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Pieter Vreugdenhil

Pieter Vreugdenhil (1900 – 1958) was a fruit and veg buyer and seller; a wholesaler at the vegetable auction in Reeuwijk. Pieter was an influential man in Reeuwijk. He often visited the pastor.

Vreugdenhil gaf tijdens de oorlog onderdak aan onderduikers, eenmaal zelfs terwijl er ook Duitsers waren ingekwartierd in zijn huis.


He was invaluable for the transport: he had arranged the ships, he together with De Jager cycled 100 km to arrange all necessary documents in The Hague, but also in Drenthe he had his contacts and knew how to get his hands on food to load onboard the boats.

Pieter Vreugdenhil in a dustcoat in the middle of the photo, his son Theo is sitting on the benches, second row on the far left. Auction building ca. 1950s (photo Jubilee book “Years of cooperative gardeners association Gouda District”)