The list of children

Child's nameAgeReligionFoster family
1Eef Achterberg(9 jaar, † 2007)Nhvfamilie Veuger te Tiendeveen
2Jannie Achterberg(11 jaar)Nhvfamilie Kroon te Hoogeveen
3Pietje Boom(9 jaar)Gffamilie Kiekebelt te Hoogeveen [alleen]
4Cor Buitelaar(8 jaar)Nhvfamilie Klinge te Hoogeveen
5Martha Buitelaar(6 jaar, † 2019)Nhvfamilie ‘Thijs te Hoogeveen
6Basje van Delden(9 jaar)½RK
7Johanna van Delden(7 jaar)½RK
8Chris van Grieken(13 jaar)½RKfamilie Everts te Nieuweroord
9Regie van Grieken(9 jaar)½RK
10Willem Haverkamp(10 jaar, † 2006)Elkfamilie Neutel te Nieuweroord
11Jannie Hoogeveen(11 jaar, † 2006)Gffamilie Scholten te Hoogeveen
12Jan Hoogeveen(9 jaar, † 2009)Gf
13Jan HoogendoornGf
14Miep de Jong(13 jaar)Nhvfamilie Rotmenschen te Hollandscheveld
15Toon de Jong(10 jaar, † 2018)Nhvfamilie Rotmenschen te Hollandscheveld
16Greet Kalkman(11 jaar)Gffamilie Kikkert te Hollandscheveld
17Kees Kalkman(13 jaar, † 2000)Gffamilie Haverkamp te Nieuweroord
18Ingrid Laterveer(11 jaar, † 2015)GVfamilie Dekker te Hoogeveen
19Hans Laterveer(8 jaar)GVfamilie De Booij te Hoogeveen
20Annie van Leeuwen(11 jaar, † 2020)RKte Dedemsvaart
21Antje van Leeuwen(13 jaar, † 2009)Nhvfamilie Nijmeijer te Hoogeveen [alleen]
22Jopie van der Meij(10 jaar)RKfamilie Redder te Dedemsvaart
23Tini van der Meij(9 jaar)RKfamilie Redder te Dedemsvaart
24Beppie Nederend(6 jaar, † 2016)½RKfamilie Koster te Hoogeveen
25Piet Nederend(8 jaar, † 2018)½RKte Dedemsvaart
26Gert Rigter(13 jaar, † 1958)Gffamilie Schonewille te Nieuweroord
27Nico Rigter(12 jaar, † 1959)Gffamilie Ymker te Nieuweroord
28Anna Schouten(12 jaar)Nhvfamilie Gort te Hoogeveen
29Kees Schouten(11 jaar)Nhvfamilie Strijkers te Hazeveld
30Elsje Slappendel(12 jaar, † 2020)Gfte Nieuweroord
31Wim Slappendel(9 jaar, † 2009)Gfte Nieuweroord
32Kobus Verdegaal(10 jaar, † 2001)RKte Dedemsvaart
33Theo Verdegaal(11 jaar, † 2011)RKte Dedemsvaart
34Be(li)a Verwoerd(12 jaar, † 2015)Nhvfamilie Agter te Hoogeveen
35Betsie Verwoerd(9 jaar)Nhvfamilie Agter te Hoogeveen
36Rietje Vink(9 jaar † 2014)
37Geertje Vink(10 jaar † 2014)
38Wout van Weerdhuizen(6 jaar † 2016)Gfte Nieuweroord [alleen]
Extra mee:
39Rien Ballering , ‘wild kind’(15 jaar, † 2014) RK
40Theo Vreugdenhil (12 jaar, † 2020)GV
Gf = Gereformeerd  | GV = Vrijgemaakt | Nhv = NedHervormd | Elk = Evangelisch-Luthers | RK = Rooms-katholiek

Note: Of children with names in italics no confirmation has been found, names in bold were of children that were interviewed.

Wild Kind (=Wild Child) was the term used for children that would be making their own way, on a bicycle or walking, without parents or a fixed destination, to Drenthe or the other northern provinces, to work for food, to beg, and hopefully return home with supplies. Often on solid tyre bicycles because rubber was a strategic necessity.

URGENT CALL: 7 children are still missing from the list, of Roman Catholic origin, so probably from Reeuwijk-Dorp. At the time these children were taken by nurse Schneiders from Hoogeveen to Dedemsvaart. There they would be placed with RC families. However, because many of them had only 1 RC parent (1/2 RC), the pastor may have placed them with other families in Dedemsvaart. This list is missing.

Is there anyone that knows which children these are and if they are on the list above ?

Is there anyone with information about which children were entrusted to the foster families below ?

It is unknown which children were with the Stukje, Kroezen, Slichers/Sliekers, Van Delen and vd Zwaag families, the names of these foster families come from Reverend Warmenhoven's travel report.

Please direct answers to