The Film

The Gouda film club Toverlint has adapted the story from Jessica Verhagen's book into a docudrama. This means that the film is a mix of a documentary and a dramatic adaptation of the book. The docudrama is mainly about the journey in the boat and the preparations for the journey, with the parents. That leaves reason enough to actually read the book itself, because it describes the stay in Drenthe and the return journey of the children!

The cast consists of volunteers, including the children of the youth theater group Mirakel and some of their parents, members of Toverlint and both producers, namely Jessica Verhagen and Wim Minnaard. A special feature of the cast are the two young men, who have been invited from outside to play the German soldiers.

Het docudrama is gefilmd op locatie in Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, op de kade in Gouda en in de boot Bona Spes van schipper Bart Lahr. Deze boot is origineel en was in 1945 ingezet als transportboot voor kinderen naar Friesland en terug voor de voedselvoorziening van de Duitsers, zoals ook beide boten van de reis vanuit Reeuwijk, de Tijd zal ’t Leeren en de ’t Is niet Anders.

Many of the props were provided by local museums, such as Oudheidkamer te Reeuwijk where some indoor scenes were shot as well. These museums also are completely run by volunteers.

To keep the memory alive of this forgotten piece of history, of the many hunger-driven journeys during the war, and to teach young children about this, a lesson package is being prepared. The DocuDrama, together with this package would provide a good history lesson for primary and secondary schools.

The docudrama is available on USB with both the Dutch language version as well as the version with English subtitles. Please direct enquiries to

An Audio Book is being prepared as well.

The docudrama "Forgotten Children" is available on request.